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In the quest for subject matter for their first film project, Cattle Productions looked close to home. Approximately five blocks away from home. Living down the road from Grauman's Chinese Theater, Paul noticed a phenomenon unique to Hollywood, CA: panhandlers dressed up as superheroes who seem to make a decent living. Their lives were a natural choice for some kind of screenplay adaptation, until Paul & Rob looked deeper into the superhero lookalikes and realized that they deserved a documentary.

Upon completion of a ten minute short called "Superheroes: We Work For Tips", the Paul & Rob knew the rest of the world would be as fascinated by these people as they were. So CP submitted the film to the Fifth Annual TromaDance Film Festival, as well as the Universal Studios Employee Film Festival.

A few months later, the group was packing their bags (and housepets) into the car and were off to Salt Lake City, UT for thrills, chills, danger, Troma & Mormon Country excitement! The Superheroes short was an official selection of Tromadance and the little film premiered on the big screen at Brewvies in SLC. How did hobnobbing with the likes of Troma superstars the Toxic Avenger, Lloyd Kaufman, Purple Pam and Sgt. Kabukiman, N.Y.P.D. effect the gang at CP? They were truly Tromatized!

Returning to LA, the gang discovered that they had also been selected by the Universal Studios Festival. Attending the festival, the entire staff of Cattle Productions watched with great pride as Paul Preston accepted the award for Best Documentary Film. Suddenly, this was the little film that could.

The short cut of "Superheroes" soon found another life on the world wide web where it has been adopted by ifilm and debuted in the top ten. "Superheroes" ranks among the most popular short films on ifilm.com. It can be seen at www.ifilm.com.

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