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Disinfo Disinfo is great. Check 'em out if you haven't already!
Superheroes: We Work For Tips Click here to see "Superheroes: We Work for Tips" - FREE!
prestonandvolpe.com A site devoted to Paul's other comedy venture.
The Onion America's Finest News Source
michaelmoore.com Check out what one of our favorite hell-raisers is up to!
philhendrieshow.com This guy's radio show is brilliant!
Troma The Toxic Avenger wants you to get Tromatized.
emptyv.com We met 'em and we love 'em; now you can too! Check out their movies!
Daily Bleed Calendar Events in history
Kill Myself or Die Tryin' Read 'em and weep
WestGateNecromantic They love death.
Oh, MY! Productions They have a film entitled "Hot Nude Yoga." Need you any further excuse to visit the site?
Seize the Night No, not really a goth website. Great information on famous serial killers, mafia members, government leaders, and haunted hotspots.

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