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Live Shows

On St. Patrick's Day, 2004, Cattle Productions continued its tradition of live entertainment with "LeperCon", a mock telethon designed to raise fake money for an equally fake charity that graced the boards of the world famous Improv Olympic Comedy Club on Hollywood Blvd.

Jerry Lewis would be turning over in his grave (if he were dead) to see the depths a telethon event could sink to in the name of comedy! Featuring the talents of co-hosts Paul Preston and Jack Voorhies in the roles of washed up, half drunk and sick of it all hosts, they introduced such luminary talents as Karen Volpe (song & dance), David Beach (and his straight jacket escape), Bethany Pagliolo & Vanessa Whitney (stand-up comedy), C. Stephen Foster (as Bette Davis), George Willis (on ukulele), & John Fulton (rockin' the house on guitar), who truly wowed the masses. Rob Nejman as Lenny the ex-con played the Leper-Con ,who manned the tote board and collected the money. He managed to steal not the show, but the money.

Hot on the heels of this whirlwind success, the group got together one more time to throw a show to do to the Amish what they had done to the Lepers! "Raise the Roof" managed to raise some cash and a good old time as the gang managed to save the Amish from themselves. As the host Ted Ogilbie put it: "It's not that the Amish are sick, but there's certainly something wrong with them." Again featuring most of the talents of "LeperCon", plus Wendy Horton and her talking birds!

Cattle Prods is currently negotiating with the powers that be for more time and space at the Improv Olympic. But that's not all they've got up their collective sleeves. Keep watching the skies!

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